That’s Gotta Hurt! 20 Funny Pool Fails That Are Painful In Every Way


Putting The Flop In Belly Flop

Via Giphy/America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Summertime is upon us, and that means it’s time to lotion up and hit the pool! Wait… maybe we shouldn’t put it quite that way. We don’t advise that you actually hit the pool, because you might get hurt. Nobody wants to see you get hurt!

Too bad nobody told the people in these gifs that they shouldn’t literally hit the pool. All of these folks were just enjoying some fun in the sun when they made a pretty awkward miscalculation and wound up falling flat on their faces (or their backs, in some cases). While it may be funny for those of us who are observing these fails safely behind our computer screens, we can only imagine how much these foibles must have HURT! And we’re not just talking about their pride, which was definitely wounded as well; we’re talking about their poor, battered bodies! 

Rest assured that we didn’t include any GIFs in this gallery that showed people getting badly injured. They’re out there, yes; but they’re just not funny. These GIFs, however… now these are funny. Nobody got badly hurt, and they all lived to screw up another day.

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