The Hall-of-Famer Fined for Farting and Other Weird Golf Penalties


The Major Champion Fined for … Farting

Tommy Bolt: ‘It wasn’t me! … OK, it was me.’. Bettmann/Getty Images

Tommy Bolt’s nickname was “Terrible Tommy” because of his infamous on-course temper. Bolt threw tantrums and he threw clubs, and it was part of the show.

And, his reputation established, it was a show. Bolt once observed, “Always throw your clubs ahead of you. That way you don’t have to waste energy going back to pick them up.”

Bolt won the 1958 U.S. Open, and one year later he lived up to another of his nicknames: “Thunder” Bolt.

At the 1959 Memphis Invitational Open (what today is known as the FedEx-St. Jude Classic), Bolt felt a sudden … intestinal urge. And not one to hold his, ahem, feelings in, Bolt let rip with a mighty wind.

Loud flatulence was, along with club-throwing, something of a habit with Bolt. But this time, tour officials had seen – and heard, and smelled – enough.

Following the round, Bolt was assessed a $250 fine for “conduct unbecoming a professional golfer.” Making Tommy Bolt the only golfer in PGA Tour history (as far as anyone knows) penalized for farting.

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