Clever Restaurant Names That Take Food Puns To The Next Level



of 20 I See What You Did There

Via Imgur.

Even though you might be a great cook, there’s a lot more to running a restaurant than simply whipping up delicious meals for the hungry masses. Running a successful eatery requires special management skills, financial knowledge, impeccable customer service, and most of all, patience. If you’ve got all of that, great! But don’t rule out the importance of maintaining great public relations and creating a fun dining environment.

The restaurants in this gallery are not fancy, but all of them have one terrific thing in common: they all have spectacular, pun-tastic names that set them apart from the boring Burger Kings and Olive Gardens of the world. Why would you ever set foot inside an Arby’s when you could dine at a place called “The Codfather?”

It’s clearly not just about the food; it’s about the attitude! Here are twenty real-life restaurants whose punny name game is strong. Bone apple tea!

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