13 Great Hip-Hop Albums You’ve Never Heard



of 14 Jneiro Jarel – Three Piece Puzzle

Omar Jarel Gilyard is a rapper, producer, philosopher, all around awesome artist. The rapper known as Jneiro Jarel was born in Brooklyn to a military mom, who trotted around the globe for work. Jneiro lived in Houston for a hot second, which is why you’ll hear H-town references throughout his work.

He moved to Philly in 2004, where he met Rich Medina and King Britt and started building the blocks that would form his most potent release yet, 2005’ss Three Piece Puzzle. It arrived loaded with sun-dried grooves, jazz beats rendered as atmospheric stuff, goofy rhymes and catchy hooks. If you like your hip-hop smart, cool and swathed in polyester, you’ll dig Three Piece Puzzle.


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